Month: January 2009

Top 25 Songs That Made You Cry …

… Even Though You Didn’t Feel Particularly Sad Before You Heard Them. Everyone loves top lists. This one comes from my personal collection, so you know it’s authoritative (well, eclectic, at least)! 25. In My Life, John Lennon (1965) 24. Last Kiss, J.F. Wilson and the Cavaliers (1964, or Pearl Jam, 1998) 23. Hurt, Nine […]

Mandatory First Blog Entry

I’ve been blogging for several years now, and writing content for websites (mostly my own) for about a decade. This is not the first “personal website” I’ve put together, but it is the first one that included a “blog” component. So, here it is. Ye Olde Mandatory First Blog Entry. So what is this website […]