Month: February 2009

The Real Value of Twitter: Three Predictions for 2012

People who enjoy micro-blogging on Twitter include a group I’ve already pretty clearly identified. Computer Geeks Marketing Types Egomaniacs Social Butterflies (I’d include myself in all 4 to varying degrees.)  There’s a few others along the same lines. Others will reluctantly sign on, because they feel they need to – for business or what not.  […]

The definitive iPhone strategy for iGoogle users

So you’re thinking about an iPhone? I am a heavy user of iGoogle (e-mail, calendar, RSS reader, bookmarks, movies, weather, shared documents, stock market, etc.).  I went out and bought an iPhone to replace my old Nokia plain-jane model.  Since then, I have gone through the motions to make it more and more useful. While […]

One Month of Twitter

It’s been one month since I skeptically started using Twitter. Wow. I’m convinced that every marketing person, Internet geek, computer programmer, opportunistic, or egomaniac should be using Twitter! Here’s what I’ve done in 28 days (in addition to my regular job managing the company): I’ve created profiles for all 3 of my business divisions and […]

Social Networking – MySpace

Q: What does MySpace have going for it? A: It is well established, as the first-to-market social network.  It has hundreds of thousands of users.  It is owned by News Corporation, which (in “normal” economic times) gives it pretty deep pockets. Q: What does MySpace have going against it? A: Almost everything else. I am […]

Avoiding Domain Name and Web Hosting Scams

I wrote this in response to a local Better Business Bureau warning about a web hosting invoicing scam. As somebody who has been in the domain name and web hosting business for 8 years, I hope to provide some insight on the matter. It is written to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Avoiding […]

Twitter Name Change

I was pretty excited to read that you could change your name on Twitter when there are inactive accounts that use your preferred name (I found out from an old friend of mine that actually did it, when she sent me this article). So I wrote a nice friendly notice to Twitter, and this was […]

FaceBook TOS Fiasco!

Does this qualify as the biggest corporate about face in history? Just got this note on FaceBook (emphasis mine): Terms of Use Update A couple of weeks ago, we posted an update to our Terms of Use that we hoped would clarify some parts of it for our users. Over the past couple of days, […]

Social Media for Business – LinkedIn Wins!

It seems some prettier graphics were done recently to graphically show a demographic study on social media from July 29, 2008. While these stats are a little dated, they strongly reinforce what I was saying last week about LinkedIn. Every businessperson should have a LinkedIn account! I dug a little deeper into the numbers, and […]

"The Globe and Mail Test"

In politics I have developed messaging plans, formulated targetted advertising, conducted web campaigns, been responsible for media relations, and managed local campaigns of all kinds.  In my business I consult with companies on their branding and advertising strategies regularly. There is one rule which should be common sense in this day and age.  It states: […]