Month: February 2009

Social Network Usage Stats

I was “tweeted” a fantastic article about social network stats released by There were a few non-surprises in it, however. First thing, FaceBook has now surpassed MySpace in the U.S.  as the number one social network.  This should surprise nobody.  MySpace had such a terrible reputation that most adults avoided it (I know I […]

More Grief

So I went to delete my old account.  After struggling to find the option, I finally found it, and closed the account … almost. It came up with an error message reading: One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account. To close this account, make sure each […] / Microsoft Social Networking

We all know that Microsoft wants desperately to get into the game on Social Networking (I suspect that, one day, they will buy FaceBook or LinkedIn – maybe both).  Anyway, they have been doing similar stuff for a long, long time.  I have been using “Messenger” since at least 2000 (“MSN Messenger” came out in […]

Favourite Videos

Here’s a collection of my favourite videos on the web. Twouble with Twitters Fill It To The Rim Design Coding Zombie Kid Likes Turtles The original clip … One of the spoofs … Then, of course, comes the capitalist exploitation, and finally, the investigative journalism. Chocolate Vader Almost anything by Remy. Miss Teen South Carolina […]

Social Networking Primer – Update

I’m meeting later today with an old friend of mine, Catherine Novak, who is a communications expert with a particular interest in Social Networking. Then tomorrow, I am meeting with another old friend, Michael Allison, who is also a communications expert, and has a thing or two to say about social networking. I thought it […]

Social Networking Primer – LinkedIn

I actually joined LinkedIn before FaceBook, in early 2007. I figured as a “professional”, I needed to join the “professional” social network, and leave FaceBook to the teenagers. I am now of the opinion that BOTH can be useful, personally and professionally. My focus this week, however, is LinkedIn. As a long-time lingerer on LinkedIn, […]

Social Networking Primer

I spend a great deal of time going to conferences on Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Webmastering and so forth. Not as much as some of my crazy friends, but often enough. For the last few years, the buzz has been “social networking”. For the first few years it was “building your own social networks”. […]

SuperBowl Ad Commentary #1

News to Coca Cola: Your product is barely consumable for humans. I can’t imagine it’s terribly healthy for animals. Stop with the cutesy little animals already. Polar bears, penguins and now insects. Now that Coke Zero ad – that was very good! And Conan O’Brien – very classy. I’m going to predict that “vroom vroom […]