Month: April 2009

Thoughts on Twitter Followers

Want to get 17,537 followers on Twitter in 90 days? Umm … sure, if 17,537 people are truly interested in what I have to say. Otherwise, what’s the point? Ego? I’m sure some genius out there has been tracking which accounts auto-follow. And, yes, some of those accounts belong to me – namely the ones […]

WordPress Plugins, Widgets and Must-Dos

Now that I have so many websites running on WordPress (I count 27, but I might be missing some), and have played around with so many plug-ins, widgets and features, I figured I’d write a little article all about my experience. Maybe it will save you a headache or two in your development. This article […]

My Latest Twitter Applications

After using Twitter for 28 days, I wrote an article about all the cool stuff I did with it.  Since then, well, I went a little crazy. For the Victoria Flower Count, we set up the website so that it would announce all the incoming counts on Twitter. This was fun, but it got a […]

Social Media Club, Victoria

On March 31, 2009, Catherine Novak and I helped to organize an inaugural meeting for Social Media Club in Victoria.  We met at the University of Victoria, Faculty of Business. Thank you to Herman Thoene from EcoLog Homes for shooting and editing the following video: Interested in coming to the next meeting? Join the FaceBook […]