After using Twitter for 28 days, I wrote an article about all the cool stuff I did with it.  Since then, well, I went a little crazy.

  • For the Victoria Flower Count, we set up the website so that it would announce all the incoming counts on Twitter. This was fun, but it got a little crazy some days … next year we’ll do some sort of digest-style reporting instead.
  • For our web design division, we are syndicating our Twitter updates directly into the web design blog.  This isn’t rocket science anymore.  We Tweeted out a call for people to vote on a new design for one of our websites.  We had some great feedback.
  • Last, and certainly least, we launched a for-fun site called Twoater. It is like Twitter, only twoats have a maximum of 20 characters, and no vowels or zeroes. Why? Hey, why not! Join the 20-character revolution! Best of all, you can Twoat to Twitter. Now say that 20 times fast!
  • I now have 472 “followers”, and follow even more than that – there’s just some amazing content streaming in all the time from all kinds of sources. All told, I’m now involved with (to some extent or another) 11 Twitter accounts.

Best of all, this Twitter stuff is incredibly fun!