Month: May 2009

Twitterlebrities I don't understand

So Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are big celebrities, and they go on Twitter, and tah-dah, they are Twitterlebrities. Then we have the Robert Scoble’s and the Guy Kawasaki’s – the technical wizards, self-help, and marketing gurus. Celebrities in their fields. Then we have those Twitterlebrities that just don’t make any sense. I found a few. […]

Swan Lake

One of the most beautiful places in the world is Swan Lake. It is an amazing urban ecological reserve right in the heart of Saanich, the most populous municipality in Greater Victoria. I had the privilege of spending my early years living just down the street from this place, from about age 3 to 8, […]

Harmonized Sales Tax and Selling Online

The debate about internet sales taxes is raging in the United States. When I started selling things online 9 years ago, one of the first revelations that hit me was my competitive disadvantage vis-a-vis my American competitors, because I had to charge the 7% GST (now 5%). “Shipped” goods from the U.S. to Canada could […]

Twitter Radio Interview

I was interviewed yesterday on the weekly technology program for a local news radio station, regarding Twitter. It has certainly been awhile since I was on the radio. Lots of fun, and some super guys running the show. Here is the edited version, in case anyone is interested… Radio Interview – May 2, 2009 from […]