Month: June 2009

Hitting a Facebook Moving Target

Facebook vanity URLs are now available for pages between 100 and 999 fans. Hip, hip hooray. Only problem is, at first it was all pages, then it was pages with 25 fans on Saturday night, now it’s pages with 100 fans on Sunday night. Who knows where it’ll move next! What other business in the […]

The Affirmation Society in the Information Age

Can millions of young fans be wrong when they declare that the Jonas Brothers are the greatest music group in the history of the universe? Of course they can. But they won’t believe you. Why? Because they have received instantaneous affirmation of their belief, and can do so anytime their faith might be swayed. Not […]

Dude, Where's My Username? Facebook Vanity URL Antics

Dude, where’s my username? He’s not Ashton Kutcher at  Get used to hearing the name Benjamin Standefer for awhile. I’d be willing to bet this holds – I don’t suspect Mr. Kutcher owns a trademark on “aplusk”. Here’s some other fun stuff I’ve come across: Trademark infringements –, and Attempted trademark […]

Smart Business Things To Do On LinkedIn

Are you serious about business, and not on LinkedIn?  I don’t think that’s possible. Get on it! Once you get on, here’s what you need to do: Upload your photo. Nothing better than a face to confirm you are the right “John Smith”. Set up a complete profile. When setting up your profile, in the […]

Facebook URLs available this Saturday at 12:01am EST

Customizable Facebook URLs are becoming available in 3 days! Watch the clock, and mark it in your calendar! Friday, June 12, 21:01 Pacific Friday, June 12, 22:01 Mountain Friday, June 12, 23:01 Central Saturday, June 13, 00:01 Eastern Saturday, June 13, 00:31 Newfoundland Saturday, June 13, 01:01 Atlantic You have one chance to name your […]

Economic Stimulus and Canada – An Idea

I have an idea to help solve a bunch of Canada’s problems. Here are a list of the problems: One of the largest media companies in the country, CanWest, is (apparently) hovering on the brink of bankruptcy. The Canadian Government and financial analysts are anticipating record federal deficits. American visitors must now have a passport […]