Month: August 2009

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I’ve been playing with Tumblr for awhile.  It’s really cool, and the interface is amazingly simple, but I could never quite figure out exactly what to do with it. Then I went to WordCamp in Surrey and listend to Lorraine Murphy from Raincoaster, and she described it as a “terrible blogging tool”, but a “great […]

Guest Blogging 101

I was recently invited to submit to another blog, to blog on the topic of blogging. This practice has been around for ages, and is generally referred to as Guest Blogging. I wrote a short article about Feedburner. Guest blogging is a very interesting concept. On one hand, bloggers are limited by the amount of […]

The Prodigy Group

The Prodigy Group is a fantastic group of young entrepreneurs in Victoria, British Columbia with over 200 members. This video is from the last mingle, held on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at the Canoe Brewpub. Become a fan of The Prodigy Group on Facebook. In addition to monthly mingles, the Prodigy Group also has a […]

PhotoBlaster 3000

Sometimes I take a photo on my iPhone that I want the whole world to see! Do I really want to upload it 7 different times using a bunch of clunky apps, redefine the tags and so forth? No, my short term goal is to get it uploaded, and I can always tag it and […]

Social Media Interview with Michael Allison

I had the pleasure of lunch today with my old friend and social media connoisseur, Michael Allison. Michael had the idea of interviewing me for his blog, and I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I interviewed him as well. Mostly for my own practice, but also because Michael has a wealth of […]