Every once in awhile I get an e-mail for another Paul Holmes. The most famous one is a noted broadcaster from New Zealand. He sounds very interesting, it might be fun to meet him one day.

Today I had an e-mail from somebody who wanted to interview this New Zealand Paul Holmes for a book she is working on. Very exciting stuff, indeed, and supporting a very worthy cause too.

Here was my response:

Sometimes I really wish this other Paul Holmes guy wasn’t so famous. There’s another Paul Holmes in Great Britain (he’s the Member of Parliament for Chesterfield, wherever that is).

I’m not a politician or broadcaster. Just a computer geek, blogger, and social media educator (http://twitter.com/tpholmes). But one day my fame will eclipse that of any other Paul Holmes who came before!!!!!

All the best with the book, and that other Paul Holmes. You seem nice, I hope he doesn’t snub you.

The most famous Paul Holmes in all of Canada

P.S. In Canada, a Chesterfield is another name for a couch/sofa. Is it the same in New Zealand?

P.P.S. I have some great stories from people who have mistaken me for this other Paul Holmes in the past.

I sure hope I make a new pen pal from this.