Month: November 2009

Dammit LinkedIn, I'm a college dropout!

My LinkedIn profile is 85% complete. It has been since I first signed up, and probably will be in 5 years. Why? Because I have not included my education. Here’s my recent correspondence with LinkedIn: I do not wish to include education in my profile. I am a self-employed college dropout, and it is not […]

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox!

The Mozilla Firefox browser is 5 years old! Now that Internet Explorer isn’t nearly as awful as it once was, and Google Chrome has started to raise some eyebrows, we often forget the effect Firefox had on the world. They made a cool site, and a cool video. And, of course, they published it on […]

Island Tech 2009

Be sure to check out VIATeC’s Island Tech event this Friday! Also, VIATeC has kindly extended free registration to the talks to members of Social Media Club Victoria. There will also be a Tweetup at 5pm in the Lounge at Crystal Garden! See you there! View Larger Map

WordCamp Victoria 2009

After attending WordCamp in Surrey recently, I decided it was time to organize one in Victoria. And what a HUGE response there has been! We already have over 60 people signed up, have 7 sponsors, and 98 followers on Twitter at @yyjWordCamp. All this in a couple weeks … If you use WordPress, or want […]

Death of the Handshake

Shaken hands with somebody you’ve met recently? I have. But I seem to be doing it a whole lot less than I used to. Every time you touch the hand opposite, your mind zooms in on the hands, and you see the germs jumping ship from one hand to the other, in anticipatory glee. Until […]