Buzz Off Twitter

Will Buzz Kill Twitter?

Some have compared it to FriendFeed, some have called it Google’s answer to Facebook, and some are just annoyed and can’t wait to turn it off (in GMail, you can scroll to the bottom and click on “turn off buzz”, by the way).

Others have predicted Google Buzz will annihilate Twitter! They make a compelling argument.

  • It’s a sophisticated broadcast notification system, much like Twitter.
  • It’s public.
  • You can send images (and you don’t need third party applications like TwitPic).
  • You can automatically feed Buzz from other services (Blog RSS Feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, etc.).
  • Your Google profile is now your Google Buzz profile, and has much more information than a Twitter profile (yet, uglier).

It’s overwhelming like FriendFeed, but this is offset in part by neatly integrating right into GMail (which is certainly the most open tab on my browser). This means you can have a peak, or you can completely ignore it – but it will always be at your fingertips, beckoning you…

And does anyone have any doubt that “Buzz” will very soon be searchable (and from Google, no less)?

Will Buzz kill Twitter? Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you think?

  • Jeff Richards

    After trying this whole Buzz thing out for a little while, I really think it is a lot like friend feed, but significantly easier. The thing that it pointed out to me, is how many people I follow on twitter, who I don't even have their email address. I presume here that, Google is using my address book to look up my friends on buzz, just a few overlap, that was an interesting realization.

    The other thing it pointed out pretty quickly is how fragmented the conversations that I carry on are, and how this is just going to make it worse… Come on salmon protocol save us!!

    Will Buzz kill twitter? I doubt it. I think it'll just draw more people into getting used to conversing on line and having their conversations be public (for better or worse). Might even get more people interested in seeking out online conversations… wish I had a witty “buzz kill” joke to end off with, but…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Paul,nnThanks for including Sprouter on your list, much appreciated! We have some big feature launches coming up in the fall that we hope will make the tool indispensable to startup founders around the world.nnCheers,nErinnCommunity Manager, Sprouter

  • Vancouver SEO

    Oh lord…I have never heard about 60% of the list, and it must be a lot of work to keep track every single one of them…

  • Don Power

    Great list Paul. Don’t know how you manage to keep up with them all – but the more exposure one has online, the better – at lest as far as SEO goes anyway!nnCheers!nn- Don

  • Paul Holmes

    I’m not sure about the SEO implications of Hunch or Yelp, but there are some cool and interesting tools. The reality, of course, is I don’t keep up with them all, but I like to keep them on the radar. It’s Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and LinkedIn that consume 90% of my social media time.

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