Month: July 2010

Dear Twitter: Please Rob My House

OK, not really. Seriously. Please don’t. But I was delighted to be interviewed for a CHEK News story by Kristen Robinson on this exact topic. Watch the video on their official Facebook page. Here’s a couple tips: Don’t put your vacation plans on Twitter or Facebook. Post those vacation photos and videos when you get back, […]

My Crappy E-Book – DELIVERED!

Want to get 10,000 followers on Twitter!?! No, I’m not going to charge $0.99 (or 2 for $1.97), as promised, and the first 1,000 people to retweet it will not get a free copy. This advice is free – for everybody: The number of followers you have on Twitter means absolutely nothing. Remember the old […]

My Crappy E-Book

I’m approaching 10,000 followers on Twitter (9,546 … oh, I’m so very excited). Naturally I turned to all my loyal subjects, asking what sort of celebration I should partake in when I reach that elusive 5 figures: Should I have a little Twitter party when/if I reach 10,000 followers? Or, maybe I’ll promote some crappy […]