wheatThree weeks ago, I quit wheat.

I decided I needed to change my eating habits, one thing at a time. Wheat seemed like a good place to start.

And let me be clear – I literally changed nothing else.

During the last three weeks, I have eaten potato chips, cheesies, nachos, french fries, hamburger patties, gluten-free hot dogs, fried eggs, hash browns, mexi-fries, tacos, ice cream, fast food, potato salad, mashed potatoes, coffee loaded with cream, gummy candies, gluten-free pastries and pasta, steak, white rice galore, high fat nuts and seeds, coca-cola, iced tea, barley soup (complete with barley gluten), and every other imaginable carb or greasy food. I’ve eaten at McDonald’s 3 times – I had fries, a quarter pounder with no bun, and a milkshake.

So, what happened when I quit wheat, and continued to otherwise eat like a crazy person?

  • By day 2, my joint pain, which had become more and more severe over the past 2 months, virtually disappeared.
  • By day 3, my digestive system was moving, and the pain I had become accustomed to in my gut was gone.
  • By morning 4, I woke up breathing out of my nose, instead of my mouth (something I haven’t done in years). My morning congestion was no more.
  • On evening 5, instead of binging on snack food, which everyone knows they’re “not supposed to do, but always do anyway”, I found myself simply not interestered in doing so. I wasn’t “hungry.” This has continued. It’s far easier to choose not to eat at night when you don’t feel an all-consuming impulse to do so.
  • By the second week, instead of dragging my sorry butt out of bed, I was up and at ’em at 7:30am, full of energy, and not heading straight for the coffee.
  • On day 15, I took my blood pressure at the drug store. It reported lower than it’s been in a year or two. (I take blood pressure medicine, so it’s always normal, but typically on the high end of normal.)
  • By day 17, noticing that all my shirts were “longer”, I finally weighed myself, and noted I had lost 13 pounds. Although I didn’t measure myself, I knew I lost a few inches around the middle too (my wife pointed it out).
  • Yesterday, I forgot to eat breakfast. And lunch. And coffee. (I was super busy working.) At 2pm, I started feeling a headache, and clued in. I was fine after a tall glass of water and a meal. This “not being hungry all the time” thing can be a problem.

Before all this, I re-read “The Wheat Belly” (while downing some delicious wheat-filled cheesebread, ironically). It’s not the first time I’ve read a book about the evils of wheat, but this “Wheat Belly” guy (Dr. William Davis) seemingly blames wheat for everything bad in the world.

While it won’t necessary save the world, I’m sold. Here on in, I read every package, and if it has wheat, I just won’t eat it.

I presume I’ll need to make some other changes to meet my health objectives, and will also try to make “smarter choices” moving forward, but I thought this was a pretty interesting outcome for me.

Note: I am not a medical professional or in any way qualified to give health advice. I just thought I’d share a personal experience.

  • http://batman-news.com Sharon Evans

    Well done Paul! I suffer with stomach bloating too (sorry people, but it’s true!) and it can be very uncomfortable. Perhaps I should join you and go ‘wheat free’ for a while and see how I get on. I’ll chat to you later about it if we get chance 🙂

    • http://www.paulholmes.ca/ Paul Holmes

      For the ripe old age of 29, Sharon, you look terrific! But there seem to be other implications with wheat, other than the “belly” for sure. I figured I’d try it for 4 weeks – to give it a good go – so I was a bit surprised how quickly some of these things happened.

      • http://batman-news.com Sharon Evans

        ah, Paul, you’re very sweet but this body has been a LONG way from 29 for a LONG time! LOL.. I think it’s good for everyone to re-evaluate their eating habits once in a while and kick out a few of the nasties that are holding back our potential to be fitter. I’m a true believer in positive change and eating for our health. I’ll give it a go – right after my work’s pot-luck lunch….. 😉

  • http://www.need2.ca/ Chris Holt

    Awesome Paul!

  • Sam Whitten

    Hell, I’m gonna try this wheat free thing and report back.