One Month of Twitter

It’s been one month since I skeptically started using Twitter.


I’m convinced that every marketing person, Internet geek, computer programmer, opportunistic, or egomaniac should be using Twitter!

Here’s what I’ve done in 28 days (in addition to my regular job managing the company):

  • I’ve created profiles for all 3 of my business divisions and assigned somebody to maintain each one.
  • For my eBrands division, I am syndicating the eBrands Twitter feed onto the website, and have plans to syndicate the other 2 to the company blogs (which are being prepared right now).
  • I launched a profile for our popular news aggregator website, (we are building the RSS interface for CanWire right now, then will syndicate this back to the twitter profile).
  • I’ve written an experimental (beta) website based entirely on Twitter feeds.  See (or
  • On my personal twitter profile I have 84 followers, and I’m following 89 (this still sounds like a cult to me).
  • I’ve posted 77 updates on my personal profile alone (about 2.5 a day).
  • I integrated my personal feed into my personal blog (look down the right side of the page).
  • My personal tweets update my FaceBook status automatically.
  • I’ve written 5 articles that mention Twitter in one way or another.
  • I’ve been included on a political twitter aggregator.
  • I’ve written a proposal to integrate a twitter RSS feed into an online campaign.  I’m fairly certain they are going forward, and they already have a Twitter profile ready to go.

My brain continues to spin on the possibilities.  I have been a computer programmer for 18 years.  Twitter is by far the most exciting thing to happen on a computer in human history.

WARNING: This tool can be both an enormous waste of time AND an amazingly powerful tool.  Make sure your result is (mostly) the latter.