The Prodigy Group

The Prodigy Group is a fantastic group of young entrepreneurs in Victoria, British Columbia with over 200 members.

This video is from the last mingle, held on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at the Canoe Brewpub.

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In addition to monthly mingles, the Prodigy Group also has a mentorship program, coordinates communication connections and holds special events.

The following people were featured in the video. Great folks, all of them!

  • Bre Storey, Neverblue
  • Rahim Khudabux, Maximum Furniture
  • Chantelle Tearoe, Buzzirk Mobile
  • David Vinnels, Prodigy Group Chair
  • Lorrie Carlson, First Impressions
  • Mike Williams,
  • Mike Kalinka, Investors Group
  • Ranko Telebak, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • Shawn Steele, Prospect Lake Golf Course
  • Amanda Waye, Copeland Communications