Wheat Free Me

Three weeks ago, I quit wheat. I decided I needed to change my eating habits, one thing at a time. Wheat seemed like a good place to start. And let me be clear – I literally changed nothing else. During the last three weeks, I have eaten potato chips, cheesies, nachos, french fries, hamburger patties, gluten-free […]

My Lifestyle Makeover, Part 2

Most men with weight issues don’t talk about it. Except, perhaps, with a jovial pat on the back and a jolly belly laugh. Facts are: diabetes runs in my family, I’m genetically predisposed to being overweight, and I’ve been obese most of my adult life. Where they don’t die of cancer first, my predecessors die […]

Death of the Handshake

Shaken hands with somebody you’ve met recently? I have. But I seem to be doing it a whole lot less than I used to. Every time you touch the hand opposite, your mind zooms in on the hands, and you see the germs jumping ship from one hand to the other, in anticipatory glee. Until […]