Robots Of The Future!

It was Christmas, 1987. My favourite magazine was Popular Mechanics. I owned an 80286 PC with a 40 MB hard drive, 1 MB of RAM, MS-DOS 4.01, VGA monitor, and a 9600 BPS modem. From this computer, I operated a BBS – for fun. My lovely sister, recognizing my inner geekly beauty, bought me the […]

My Crappy E-Book

I’m approaching 10,000 followers on Twitter (9,546 … oh, I’m so very excited). Naturally I turned to all my loyal subjects, asking what sort of celebration I should partake in when I reach that elusive 5 figures: Should I have a little Twitter party when/if I reach 10,000 followers? Or, maybe I’ll promote some crappy […]

Dammit LinkedIn, I'm a college dropout!

My LinkedIn profile is 85% complete. It has been since I first signed up, and probably will be in 5 years. Why? Because I have not included my education. Here’s my recent correspondence with LinkedIn: I do not wish to include education in my profile. I am a self-employed college dropout, and it is not […]

The "Other" Paul Holmes

Every once in awhile I get an e-mail for another Paul Holmes. The most famous one is a noted broadcaster from New Zealand. He sounds very interesting, it might be fun to meet him one day. Today I had an e-mail from somebody who wanted to interview this New Zealand Paul Holmes for a book […]

Dude, Where's My Username? Facebook Vanity URL Antics

Dude, where’s my username? He’s not Ashton Kutcher at  Get used to hearing the name Benjamin Standefer for awhile. I’d be willing to bet this holds – I don’t suspect Mr. Kutcher owns a trademark on “aplusk”. Here’s some other fun stuff I’ve come across: Trademark infringements –, and Attempted trademark […]

Twitterlebrities I don't understand

So Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are big celebrities, and they go on Twitter, and tah-dah, they are Twitterlebrities. Then we have the Robert Scoble’s and the Guy Kawasaki’s – the technical wizards, self-help, and marketing gurus. Celebrities in their fields. Then we have those Twitterlebrities that just don’t make any sense. I found a few. […]