Favourite Videos

Here’s a collection of my favourite videos on the web. Twouble with Twitters Fill It To The Rim Design Coding Zombie Kid Likes Turtles The original clip … One of the spoofs … Then, of course, comes the capitalist exploitation, and finally, the investigative journalism. Chocolate Vader Almost anything by Remy. Miss Teen South Carolina […]

Top 25 Songs That Made You Cry …

… Even Though You Didn’t Feel Particularly Sad Before You Heard Them. Everyone loves top lists. This one comes from my personal collection, so you know it’s authoritative (well, eclectic, at least)! 25. In My Life, John Lennon (1965) 24. Last Kiss, J.F. Wilson and the Cavaliers (1964, or Pearl Jam, 1998) 23. Hurt, Nine […]