Twestival Victoria

Don’t miss Twestival Victoria, a fantastic event organized by a great group of Twitter folks in Victoria. To participate, you don’t have to love Twitter (or Facebook, or social media). You need only love being a part of a global movement to help the less fortunate children in our world. I’ll be there, and I […]

Top 10 Social Media

I have written various articles on social media in the past, and a few people have asked what my favourites are. The following list is not “the best”, nor specifically “the best for application X”, rather my favourites – those I enjoy using or gain specific benefit for using. 10. Ning‘s (like Your Canada) Ning […]

Dammit LinkedIn, I'm a college dropout!

My LinkedIn profile is 85% complete. It has been since I first signed up, and probably will be in 5 years. Why? Because I have not included my education. Here’s my recent correspondence with LinkedIn: I do not wish to include education in my profile. I am a self-employed college dropout, and it is not […]

The "Other" Paul Holmes

Every once in awhile I get an e-mail for another Paul Holmes. The most famous one is a noted broadcaster from New Zealand. He sounds very interesting, it might be fun to meet him one day. Today I had an e-mail from somebody who wanted to interview this New Zealand Paul Holmes for a book […]

Twestival Victoria – September 11, 2009

Are you still on the fence? What the heck is a Twestival? Is it going to be a bunch of computer geeks sitting around staring at their iPhones? No, actually – it’s going to be an exciting evening filled with entertainment, good people, and great food. I’m particularly keen to see Mike Vardy perform live […]

Swan Lake

One of the most beautiful places in the world is Swan Lake. It is an amazing urban ecological reserve right in the heart of Saanich, the most populous municipality in Greater Victoria. I had the privilege of spending my early years living just down the street from this place, from about age 3 to 8, […]

Social Media Club, Victoria

On March 31, 2009, Catherine Novak and I helped to organize an inaugural meeting for Social Media Club in Victoria.  We met at the University of Victoria, Faculty of Business. Thank you to Herman Thoene from EcoLog Homes for shooting and editing the following video: Interested in coming to the next meeting? Join the FaceBook […]

The definitive iPhone strategy for iGoogle users

So you’re thinking about an iPhone? I am a heavy user of iGoogle (e-mail, calendar, RSS reader, bookmarks, movies, weather, shared documents, stock market, etc.).  I went out and bought an iPhone to replace my old Nokia plain-jane model.  Since then, I have gone through the motions to make it more and more useful. While […]