The Glorious Renaissance of Podcasting

Who the heck STARTS a podcast in 2014? And aren’t these things a relic of the past anyway? Answers: (1) Me. (2) No, not at all. But let me start with the last question first. Podcasting has moved beyond a novel fad into a full-fledged digital medium. It can serve all kinds of content, and […]

Book Burning 2.0

The year is 2017. You get on the bus, and people are busily going about their business. A handful are talking on their phones, some holding it to their ears, and others watching their friends on the screen. Some people are reading or listening to music on their phone, and about a third of the […]

The Affirmation Society in the Information Age

Can millions of young fans be wrong when they declare that the Jonas Brothers are the greatest music group in the history of the universe? Of course they can. But they won’t believe you. Why? Because they have received instantaneous affirmation of their belief, and can do so anytime their faith might be swayed. Not […]

Economic Stimulus and Canada – An Idea

I have an idea to help solve a bunch of Canada’s problems. Here are a list of the problems: One of the largest media companies in the country, CanWest, is (apparently) hovering on the brink of bankruptcy. The Canadian Government and financial analysts are anticipating record federal deficits. American visitors must now have a passport […]

Harmonized Sales Tax and Selling Online

The debate about internet sales taxes is raging in the United States. When I started selling things online 9 years ago, one of the first revelations that hit me was my competitive disadvantage vis-a-vis my American competitors, because I had to charge the 7% GST (now 5%). “Shipped” goods from the U.S. to Canada could […]

Smartest Twitter Spam Ever

We’ve all had “spam followers” on Twitter.  Presumably this is done to promote websites and products.  Most of it is idiotic, and the accounts get closed pretty quickly.  I just discovered one, however, that impressed me greatly.  Some smarter spammer out there came up with this. At the risk of educating spammers, I have reviewed […]

The Real Value of Twitter: Three Predictions for 2012

People who enjoy micro-blogging on Twitter include a group I’ve already pretty clearly identified. Computer Geeks Marketing Types Egomaniacs Social Butterflies (I’d include myself in all 4 to varying degrees.)  There’s a few others along the same lines. Others will reluctantly sign on, because they feel they need to – for business or what not.  […]

One Month of Twitter

It’s been one month since I skeptically started using Twitter. Wow. I’m convinced that every marketing person, Internet geek, computer programmer, opportunistic, or egomaniac should be using Twitter! Here’s what I’ve done in 28 days (in addition to my regular job managing the company): I’ve created profiles for all 3 of my business divisions and […]