Social Networking – MySpace

Q: What does MySpace have going for it? A: It is well established, as the first-to-market social network.  It has hundreds of thousands of users.  It is owned by News Corporation, which (in “normal” economic times) gives it pretty deep pockets. Q: What does MySpace have going against it? A: Almost everything else. I am […]

"The Globe and Mail Test"

In politics I have developed messaging plans, formulated targetted advertising, conducted web campaigns, been responsible for media relations, and managed local campaigns of all kinds.  In my business I consult with companies on their branding and advertising strategies regularly. There is one rule which should be common sense in this day and age.  It states: […]

Mandatory First Blog Entry

I’ve been blogging for several years now, and writing content for websites (mostly my own) for about a decade. This is not the first “personal website” I’ve put together, but it is the first one that included a “blog” component. So, here it is. Ye Olde Mandatory First Blog Entry. So what is this website […]