UVic Libdub II

Remember the UVic Lipdub video that went viral on YouTube last year?

Being from Victoria, I was initially impressed that UVic did such a great job … until I realized that this UVic was a place in Spain that was hitherto unknown by somebody from Victoria, Canada, who lives a stones throw from UVic.

So, kudos Spanish UVic … but the best may yet be to come!

A local organizer and UVician, Shawn Slavin, has done a bang up job organizing a Lipdub for a certain other UVic – OUR UVic.

How amazingly freaking awesome will that be?

Check out the project on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

It’s all going down on September 25th, bright and early! Everyone is invited. Bring a talent, dress appropriately and stuff – and watch this video. Real keen? Memorize the song, too!

And, if you haven’t heard about this before, watch this video, too …