Death of the Handshake

Shaken hands with somebody you’ve met recently? I have.

But I seem to be doing it a whole lot less than I used to. Every time you touch the hand opposite, your mind zooms in on the hands, and you see the germs jumping ship from one hand to the other, in anticipatory glee. Until the next time you walk by a sink or one of those little sanitizer dispensers, you can feel a heavy weight holding your hand away from your eyes, nose, face, or anything else.

When somebody doesn’t extend a hand to shake yours, you also do not, and nobody is offended.

The world is changing, and with it one of the most common customs in our society. Just as the shared chalice is disappearing, perhaps once and for all, from Church services, I think the handshake is soon to follow.

Being one of those people who watch in absolute disgust as men leave the washroom without washing their hands, I won’t miss it one bit.

The question is: What do we do now?

What is the new handshake?