Twitterlebrities I don’t understand

So Oprah and Ashton Kutcher are big celebrities, and they go on Twitter, and tah-dah, they are Twitterlebrities.

Then we have the Robert Scoble’s and the Guy Kawasaki’s – the technical wizards, self-help, and marketing gurus. Celebrities in their fields.

Then we have those Twitterlebrities that just don’t make any sense. I found a few. Help me out here.

#31 – DrDrew – Some funny stuff, but I’ve never heard of him until Twitter. Why is he #31?

#58 – someecards – Uh, some e-cards.

#45 – ICHCheezburger – something about cats, eating cheeseburgers, and using very poor grammar.

#70 – sockington – A cat. Just one cat. I had a website for my cat, too … uh, in 1998.

#38 – woot – Not Arsenio Hall, but apparently some sort of shopping website. They must have given a bunch of stuff away to get that many Twitter followers.

#18 – algore – What is this? It sounds like a type of fungus.