Why Echofon Is The Best Twitter App Ever

As an iPhone enthusiast and social media enthusiast, I’ve downloaded pretty much every social media app known to man.

For Twitter, Tweetie 2 was good, TweetDeck was better, and HootSuite was even better than that. But I belatedly discovered Echofon, and I’m in love!

Quite simply, it contains every single feature I’ve been looking for in a Twitter iPhone app (and then some):

  • It has seamless bit.ly and Flickr API integration. I’ve seen some with Flickr, and some with bit.ly, but this is the first I’ve found with both.
  • Very seamless integration of multiple accounts. You can even change the background colour, so you can keep track of what account you are in.
  • You can disable auto-load of your home feed (focusing instead of your DMs, mentions and saved searches).
  • It has seamless integration of the old style and new style retweet. They call the old style Retweet With Comment.
  • It has a very cool method of auto-completing hashtags and mentions.
  • It’s intuitive and user-friendly.
  • I have yet to crash it.

It’s the first app I’ve used on iPhone where I haven’t complained out loud in frustration because of some minor detail.

HootSuite is still, hands down, my favourite Twitter client on my computer. It’s entirely web-based, and works great. And their iPhone app is certainly very good, but it’s moved into a clear second place based on my geekly criteria.