My Life As A Modern Rock Radio DJ, Part Deux

I was on The Zone @ 91.3, Victoria’s finest modern rock radio station on June 4th, for a cool little Friday night segment they call My Turn. It’s where they let a knob like me take over the radio (thankfully for their listeners, this only happens for an hour).

Unlike regular DJ’s, they actually let you pick your songs (an ode to you Tom Petty).

So I picked a bunch, and off I went.


I met with Pol Plastino, a rising star in the world of radio. I’m pleased to report that he’s as funny in real life as he is on the radio, but somehow he manages pulling off being a serious professional and music expert in the same stroke.

Pol patiently recorded all the spoken segments for the show (I had previously pre-written, re-written and unceremoniously disposed of several drafts, which I re-re-wrote again redundantfuliphically while in the studio).

I also got a chance to meet Jeremy Baker (who is much taller than I guessed), Bryan Capistrano (who still refuses to follow me on Twitter), Dave Sawchuk, and Sara P.

Anyway, here’s a skim of how it sounded… Click to Listen. Seriously, do it! Right here. Please, Mom!.

In case you were wondering about my introduction to the first song, you should definitely watch the video – Beastie Boys, Intergalactic.