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What is Social Discovery?

What the heck is Social Discovery?  I’ve seen the term thrown around here and there, but only in passing. After a chance meeting with Dan Martell on a rainy afternoon in Las Vegas on January 17th, the light bulb suddenly appeared! I am convinced “Social Discovery” will become an integrated component for every serious marketing […]

Is Google Buzz the Twitter Killer?

Some have compared it to FriendFeed, some have called it Google’s answer to Facebook, and some are just annoyed and can’t wait to turn it off (in GMail, you can scroll to the bottom and click on “turn off buzz”, by the way). Others have predicted Google Buzz will annihilate Twitter! They make a compelling […]

Top 7 Decades of Recorded Music

What was your favourite decade for recorded music? I have ranked the last 7 based on my highly biased and unscientific methodology. #7 – The 1990’s – This was the absolute worst decade of recorded music. While there was some innovation in R&B and hip-hop (and the angst of grunge saved us from the agony […]

Top 10 Social Media

I have written various articles on social media in the past, and a few people have asked what my favourites are. The following list is not “the best”, nor specifically “the best for application X”, rather my favourites – those I enjoy using or gain specific benefit for using. 10. Ning‘s (like Your Canada) Ning […]

Dammit LinkedIn, I'm a college dropout!

My LinkedIn profile is 85% complete. It has been since I first signed up, and probably will be in 5 years. Why? Because I have not included my education. Here’s my recent correspondence with LinkedIn: I do not wish to include education in my profile. I am a self-employed college dropout, and it is not […]

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox!

The Mozilla Firefox browser is 5 years old! Now that Internet Explorer isn’t nearly as awful as it once was, and Google Chrome has started to raise some eyebrows, we often forget the effect Firefox had on the world. They made a cool site, and a cool video. And, of course, they published it on […]

Island Tech 2009

Be sure to check out VIATeC’s Island Tech event this Friday! Also, VIATeC has kindly extended free registration to the talks to members of Social Media Club Victoria. There will also be a Tweetup at 5pm in the Lounge at Crystal Garden! See you there! View Larger Map