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WordCamp Victoria 2009

After attending WordCamp in Surrey recently, I decided it was time to organize one in Victoria. And what a HUGE response there has been! We already have over 60 people signed up, have 7 sponsors, and 98 followers on Twitter at @yyjWordCamp. All this in a couple weeks … If you use WordPress, or want […]

Death of the Handshake

Shaken hands with somebody you’ve met recently? I have. But I seem to be doing it a whole lot less than I used to. Every time you touch the hand opposite, your mind zooms in on the hands, and you see the germs jumping ship from one hand to the other, in anticipatory glee. Until […]

AURP Conference 2009

I am delighted to be speaking at the AURP Conference in Vancouver tomorrow, on the topic of using Social Media in the promotion of technology parks. I was actually a bit surprised that social media wasn’t being embraced more by technology parks around the world, especially given their propensity for “technology.” More importantly, social media […]

The "Other" Paul Holmes

Every once in awhile I get an e-mail for another Paul Holmes. The most famous one is a noted broadcaster from New Zealand. He sounds very interesting, it might be fun to meet him one day. Today I had an e-mail from somebody who wanted to interview this New Zealand Paul Holmes for a book […]

Social Media Club, Victoria, British Columbia

Not very long ago, as we were delving into the intricacies of the social media revolution unfolding before us, my long-time friend, and now colleague, Catherine Novak and I decided it was time to launch the Victoria chapter of Social Media Club. If somebody had told us then what this would lead to today, we […]

Twestival Victoria – September 11, 2009

Are you still on the fence? What the heck is a Twestival? Is it going to be a bunch of computer geeks sitting around staring at their iPhones? No, actually – it’s going to be an exciting evening filled with entertainment, good people, and great food. I’m particularly keen to see Mike Vardy perform live […]

Share on Tumblr

I’ve been playing with Tumblr for awhile.  It’s really cool, and the interface is amazingly simple, but I could never quite figure out exactly what to do with it. Then I went to WordCamp in Surrey and listend to Lorraine Murphy from Raincoaster, and she described it as a “terrible blogging tool”, but a “great […]

Guest Blogging 101

I was recently invited to submit to another blog, to blog on the topic of blogging. This practice has been around for ages, and is generally referred to as Guest Blogging. I wrote a short article about Feedburner. Guest blogging is a very interesting concept. On one hand, bloggers are limited by the amount of […]