Top 5 Tips For New Facebook Pages

1. Make your page title as generic as possible. If you are setting up a page to promote your company brand, this may not be an option. But generic pages are far more likely to gain fans than brand pages. Think about it this way – if you have a website about “Travel to Asia”, […]

"The Globe and Mail Test"

In politics I have developed messaging plans, formulated targetted advertising, conducted web campaigns, been responsible for media relations, and managed local campaigns of all kinds.  In my business I consult with companies on their branding and advertising strategies regularly. There is one rule which should be common sense in this day and age.  It states: […]

SuperBowl Ad Commentary #1

News to Coca Cola: Your product is barely consumable for humans. I can’t imagine it’s terribly healthy for animals. Stop with the cutesy little animals already. Polar bears, penguins and now insects. Now that Coke Zero ad – that was very good! And Conan O’Brien – very classy. I’m going to predict that “vroom vroom […]