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Why Echofon Is The Best Twitter App Ever

As an iPhone enthusiast and social media enthusiast, I’ve downloaded pretty much every social media app known to man. For Twitter, Tweetie 2 was good, TweetDeck was better, and HootSuite was even better than that. But I belatedly discovered Echofon, and I’m in love! Quite simply, it contains every single feature I’ve been looking for in a Twitter iPhone app (and then some): It has seamless bit.ly and Flickr API integration. I’ve seen some with Flickr, and some with bit.ly, but this is the first I’ve found with both. Very seamless integration of multiple accounts. You can even change the background colour, so you can keep track of what account …

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PhotoBlaster 3000

Sometimes I take a photo on my iPhone that I want the whole world to see! Do I really want to upload it 7 different times using a bunch of clunky apps, redefine the tags and so forth? No, my short term goal is to get it uploaded, and I can always tag it and such later on. The easiest way to do this is to enable the ability to e-mail photos to websites. Currently I have this feature enabled on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, MySpace, YourCanada, and Photobucket. (Click on the link for each one to visit the instructions on how to set it up on your account.) Have all …

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WordPress Plugins, Widgets and Must-Dos

Now that I have so many websites running on WordPress (I count 27, but I might be missing some), and have played around with so many plug-ins, widgets and features, I figured I’d write a little article all about my experience. Maybe it will save you a headache or two in your development. This article does not tell you how to install WordPress, the basic setup, or how to choose a template.  Maybe I’ll cover these topics another day. WordPress is a good platform for both blogs, and “traditional” websites. Many of our websites just happen to run on WordPress so people may post comments and so forth. I only …

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Skype for iPhone

Holy freaking crap, Skype for iPhone appears ready to launch. Why does this matter?  Well, if you are one of those “I don’t even have a home phone anymore” types, this means you could use your iPhone on your home Wi-Fi network for cheap (or free). It turns the whole “minute plan” equation on its head if you work from home – those plans almost always include free weekends and evenings – which, for people like me, is the most common time I am not home. So, I make all my business calls during the day using Skype on my home Wi-Fi, and when I go out on the weekends …

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The definitive iPhone strategy for iGoogle users

So you’re thinking about an iPhone? I am a heavy user of iGoogle (e-mail, calendar, RSS reader, bookmarks, movies, weather, shared documents, stock market, etc.).  I went out and bought an iPhone to replace my old Nokia plain-jane model.  Since then, I have gone through the motions to make it more and more useful. While I expected a life-changing transformation, I had no idea of how amazing it would be. It is possible to truly “synch” your contacts, e-mail and calendar with Gmail, essentially in real-time. So, now if you lose your phone, you will not “lose” any data. My old BlackBerry had it’s own little inbox/outbox, so stuff sent …

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