LinkedIn Answers

So at Eat. Drink. Tweet. in Penticton this past weekend, I taught a session on LinkedIn. As mentioned in my previous post, I built a Canadian Wine Group on LinkedIn, and it now has 26 members. (One of the things I’ve been working on–quite passively–for the past few years is a wine site. Our company […]

LinkedIn or Bust … uh, literally.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my presentation for Eat. Drink. Tweet. in Penticton, British Columbia. It’s all about LinkedIn. For those of you who follow my blog regularly (thanks, Mom), you’ll remember that I rated LinkedIn #2 overall, and Twitter #1. In the next rendition of my Top Social Media List, I’m certain these […]

Social Media – Top 25

It’s been over 8 months since my last social media top 10 list, so I figured it was time for an update. Last time, my top 10 list was actually a top 18, so I figured I’d just bite the bullet, and make this one a top 25. If you are using social media for […]

Top 10 Social Media

I have written various articles on social media in the past, and a few people have asked what my favourites are. The following list is not “the best”, nor specifically “the best for application X”, rather my favourites – those I enjoy using or gain specific benefit for using. 10. Ning‘s (like Your Canada) Ning […]

Dammit LinkedIn, I'm a college dropout!

My LinkedIn profile is 85% complete. It has been since I first signed up, and probably will be in 5 years. Why? Because I have not included my education. Here’s my recent correspondence with LinkedIn: I do not wish to include education in my profile. I am a self-employed college dropout, and it is not […]

Guest Blogging 101

I was recently invited to submit to another blog, to blog on the topic of blogging. This practice has been around for ages, and is generally referred to as Guest Blogging. I wrote a short article about Feedburner. Guest blogging is a very interesting concept. On one hand, bloggers are limited by the amount of […]

Smart Business Things To Do On LinkedIn

Are you serious about business, and not on LinkedIn?  I don’t think that’s possible. Get on it! Once you get on, here’s what you need to do: Upload your photo. Nothing better than a face to confirm you are the right “John Smith”. Set up a complete profile. When setting up your profile, in the […]

Social Media for Business – LinkedIn Wins!

It seems some prettier graphics were done recently to graphically show a demographic study on social media from July 29, 2008. While these stats are a little dated, they strongly reinforce what I was saying last week about LinkedIn. Every businessperson should have a LinkedIn account! I dug a little deeper into the numbers, and […]