My Life As A Modern Rock Radio DJ, Part Deux

I was on The Zone @ 91.3, Victoria’s finest modern rock radio station on June 4th, for a cool little Friday night segment they call My Turn. It’s where they let a knob like me take over the radio (thankfully for their listeners, this only happens for an hour). Unlike regular DJ’s, they actually let […]

My Turn!

Did I miss my calling as an ultra-hip modern rock DJ? Yes. Yes, I did. Now my favourite local radio station, The Zone at 91.3 has offered me a chance to fulfill my dream, and be discovered by all those famous voice talent agents that roam the airwaves to find the next superstar of radio. […]

Top 7 Decades of Recorded Music

What was your favourite decade for recorded music? I have ranked the last 7 based on my highly biased and unscientific methodology. #7 – The 1990’s – This was the absolute worst decade of recorded music. While there was some innovation in R&B and hip-hop (and the angst of grunge saved us from the agony […]

The Affirmation Society in the Information Age

Can millions of young fans be wrong when they declare that the Jonas Brothers are the greatest music group in the history of the universe? Of course they can. But they won’t believe you. Why? Because they have received instantaneous affirmation of their belief, and can do so anytime their faith might be swayed. Not […]

Top 25 Songs That Made You Cry …

… Even Though You Didn’t Feel Particularly Sad Before You Heard Them. Everyone loves top lists. This one comes from my personal collection, so you know it’s authoritative (well, eclectic, at least)! 25. In My Life, John Lennon (1965) 24. Last Kiss, J.F. Wilson and the Cavaliers (1964, or Pearl Jam, 1998) 23. Hurt, Nine […]