My Life As A Modern Rock Radio DJ, Part Deux

I was on The Zone @ 91.3, Victoria’s finest modern rock radio station on June 4th, for a cool little Friday night segment they call My Turn. It’s where they let a knob like me take over the radio (thankfully for their listeners, this only happens for an hour). Unlike regular DJ’s, they actually let […]

My Turn!

Did I miss my calling as an ultra-hip modern rock DJ? Yes. Yes, I did. Now my favourite local radio station, The Zone at 91.3 has offered me a chance to fulfill my dream, and be discovered by all those famous voice talent agents that roam the airwaves to find the next superstar of radio. […]

Twitter Radio Interview

I was interviewed yesterday on the weekly technology program for a local news radio station, regarding Twitter. It has certainly been awhile since I was on the radio. Lots of fun, and some super guys running the show. Here is the edited version, in case anyone is interested… Radio Interview – May 2, 2009 from […]