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Taste The Rainbow of API Timeouts!

We have traditional media stunts, so why not “social” media stunts? We saw an example of this today from Skittles – the chewy candy – where they essentially replaced their website with a Twitter search for “skittles”. Great idea.  Now that it’s been done, I’m not expecting to see much more of it. Not […]

The Real Value of Twitter: Three Predictions for 2012

People who enjoy micro-blogging on Twitter include a group I’ve already pretty clearly identified. Computer Geeks Marketing Types Egomaniacs Social Butterflies (I’d include myself in all 4 to varying degrees.)  There’s a few others along the same lines. Others will reluctantly sign on, because they feel they need to – for business or what not.  […]

Social Networking – MySpace

Q: What does MySpace have going for it? A: It is well established, as the first-to-market social network.  It has hundreds of thousands of users.  It is owned by News Corporation, which (in “normal” economic times) gives it pretty deep pockets. Q: What does MySpace have going against it? A: Almost everything else. I am […]

Social Media for Business – LinkedIn Wins!

It seems some prettier graphics were done recently to graphically show a demographic study on social media from July 29, 2008. While these stats are a little dated, they strongly reinforce what I was saying last week about LinkedIn. Every businessperson should have a LinkedIn account! I dug a little deeper into the numbers, and […]

"The Globe and Mail Test"

In politics I have developed messaging plans, formulated targetted advertising, conducted web campaigns, been responsible for media relations, and managed local campaigns of all kinds.  In my business I consult with companies on their branding and advertising strategies regularly. There is one rule which should be common sense in this day and age.  It states: […]

Social Network Usage Stats

I was “tweeted” a fantastic article about social network stats released by There were a few non-surprises in it, however. First thing, FaceBook has now surpassed MySpace in the U.S.  as the number one social network.  This should surprise nobody.  MySpace had such a terrible reputation that most adults avoided it (I know I […]

More Grief

So I went to delete my old account.  After struggling to find the option, I finally found it, and closed the account … almost. It came up with an error message reading: One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account. To close this account, make sure each […] / Microsoft Social Networking

We all know that Microsoft wants desperately to get into the game on Social Networking (I suspect that, one day, they will buy FaceBook or LinkedIn – maybe both).  Anyway, they have been doing similar stuff for a long, long time.  I have been using “Messenger” since at least 2000 (“MSN Messenger” came out in […]

Social Networking Primer – Update

I’m meeting later today with an old friend of mine, Catherine Novak, who is a communications expert with a particular interest in Social Networking. Then tomorrow, I am meeting with another old friend, Michael Allison, who is also a communications expert, and has a thing or two to say about social networking. I thought it […]

Social Networking Primer – LinkedIn

I actually joined LinkedIn before FaceBook, in early 2007. I figured as a “professional”, I needed to join the “professional” social network, and leave FaceBook to the teenagers. I am now of the opinion that BOTH can be useful, personally and professionally. My focus this week, however, is LinkedIn. As a long-time lingerer on LinkedIn, […]