Guest Blogging 101

I was recently invited to submit to another blog, to blog on the topic of blogging. This practice has been around for ages, and is generally referred to as Guest Blogging.

I wrote a short article about Feedburner.

Guest blogging is a very interesting concept. On one hand, bloggers are limited by the amount of time they have, so writing content for another blog (that adds value to that other blog) might seem counter-intuitive.

If you blog for fun (and not to try to make millions of dollars), as I mostly do here, this isn’t that big a deal.

There are a couple of benefits to guest-blogging which may not be immediately obvious:

  1. By posting a well-written blog entry, you enhance your reputation as an “expert” or at least a “reliable source”. Certainly you were reliable or expert enough to be trusted by the person who you guest-blogged for.
  2. When that blog content links back to your website, it’s of far greater value from a Search Engine Optimization perspective than yet another link from within your own website. Google, and other search engines, don’t just count the links coming into your site, they look at where they come from, and they look at the context (i.e. which keywords are linked). If you are linked from a highly reputable source, it will enhance your reputation within Google’s Almighty Algorithmâ„¢.

There is an excellent Guest Blogger group on LinkedIn to meet with others interested in guest blogging, and to otherwise discuss the concept.

Needless to say, my little experiment isn’t earth-shattering, but it certainly was a great deal of fun.