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Tumblr LogoI’ve been playing with Tumblr for awhile.  It’s really cool, and the interface is amazingly simple, but I could never quite figure out exactly what to do with it.

Then I went to WordCamp in Surrey and listend to Lorraine Murphy from Raincoaster, and she described it as a “terrible blogging tool”, but a “great scrap-booking tool.”

The lightbulb went on!

I was using DiggBar a fair amount for this, but “scrap-booking” is not really the point, and because of the “social” aspects of Digg, you have verify your humanity every time, which slows the process down considerably.  Then, going back and finding your Digg later isn’t rocket since, but it’s not dead simple either. This is not an anti-Digg post (they did send me a free t-shirt, after all), but I would say that Digg is best used for it’s intended purpose (same goes for StumbleUpon and Delicious).

Retrieving links from Tumblr is 100% idiot-proof, since it’s a public blog – no logging in, no messing around.  Since it’s “blog-style”, you just need to remember the date you added it, or search for it.

I installed the “Share on Tumblr” bookmarklet (not button, widget or plugin), and already find myself “scrap-booking” all sorts of stuff.

I’m off to the races!

When you login at Tumblr and create your first Tumblog, go to the Account menu (top right) and select “Goodies”.  Click on and drag the “Share on Tumblr” button to your bookmark bar (yes, it even works in Chrome).

After that, you’ll be tumbling like a mad tumblr!