AURP Conference 2009

AURPI am delighted to be speaking at the AURP Conference in Vancouver tomorrow, on the topic of using Social Media in the promotion of technology parks.

I was actually a bit surprised that social media wasn’t being embraced more by technology parks around the world, especially given their propensity for “technology.” More importantly, social media is an excellent opportunity to further some of the underlying goals these parks strive for:

  • Creating a technology center of excellence
  • Developing a hub of innovation
  • Connecting people with ideas

What better way to “connect” people than using social media?

As just one example, in researching for the discussion, I discovered that only 11 technology parks in the world have Facebook fan pages — and most of those are quite underutilized. I┬ádo hope some of the ideas I have prepared will encourage the participants to take a fresh look at what social media can do for them, and more importantly for the companies that reside in their respective parks around the world.

For those who are interested, these are the slides I am using for my presentation: