Challenge Accepted – A Personal Post [Part 1]

My friend and Social Media Camp co-founder Chris Burdge put out a challenge. I realized there was a lot of stuff I have been up to that I’d love to share with the world, so what the heck – I’d share some of mine. Challenge Accepted.

Problem is, I have too much to say. So let’s make this “Part 1.” I will do more soon… about my theatre flirtations, cool stuff from around the Sooke community, and my growing business.

This post will focus on what I did at Social Media Camp 2014 – our 5th annual event.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since. It was a tonne (yup, metric tonne) of fun! Here’s the highlights…

The Best Social Media Camp Ever

People came from around North America. We had amazing speakers, from whom I had at least a dozen “a ha” moments. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we had a couple of epic parties, to boot. If others had even half the fun I had, and learned even 1/3rd what I did, I think we’ll call it a success.

Here’s a video from the amazing video genius Dave Phillips (@uberdave– hire this guy, seriously!) from ubervideo all about the event…

… And I Became A Podcaster

Hello 21st century! My friend John Juricic and I decided a couple weeks before #SMCamp that we were both “finally” going to start a Podcast – so why not do it together? Our podcast was officially to be all about “stuff,” and we’d interview a bunch of people at Social Media Camp to kick it off.

The result is John, Paul and Mic. We spent about 4 hours of Social Media Camp interviewing people for the podcast, and what a hoot it was! We’ve carried on, as a weekly podcast, with an idea to delve into issues around technology, society, politics, media and anything else that interests us (and hopefully interests others). Please check us out on iTunes, TuneIn Radio, or your favourite way to listen to Podcasts.

Let us know what you think, topics we should cover, or guests we should inite – @JohnPaulandMic on Twitter or JohnPaulandMic on Facebook.

The Great Tattoo #TwitFriend Caper

The tattoo challenge I made was probably the most memorable part of Social Media Camp (for me, anyway).

I (foolishly) put out a Facebook challenge to attendees of Social Media Camp. If two people would get the event logo tattooed permanently on their body, I’d sing and dance at Social Media Camp.

Nobody would ever take me up on this, right?

Ya, wrong. Just ask Sean Smith and Becky Knight.

Check out this video from my bud Aaron from BC BuzZ for the tattoo video evidence:


And the #TwitFriend video was my response:

And We Tweeted Up

A few nights before #SMCamp, Juhli Selby and I hosted a fantastic eWomen Network and Social Media Camp Tweetup with social media rock star and speaker Lisa Larter.

Which reminds me… My very good friend April Lee Taylor Vance has been organizing Westshore Tweetups for the last couple months. They are FANTASTIC, and I’ve been Tweeting up a lot more lately. Never been to one? Join us sometime…