Hitting a Facebook Moving Target

Facebook vanity URLs are now available for pages between 100 and 999 fans. Hip, hip hooray.

Only problem is, at first it was all pages, then it was pages with 25 fans on Saturday night, now it’s pages with 100 fans on Sunday night.

Who knows where it’ll move next!

What other business in the world changes the rules every 20 minutes like Facebook and gets away with it?

I understand they wanted to prevent spam. Fair enough. I have a few pages and organizations that are not spam.

For those who, like me, made a great effort for their pages (and their client’s pages) to get to the 25 fan threshold, it sure was great to learn that we wasted all our time doing so.

Given that Facebook has changed the rules, I have changed my strategy. I will now fan any page anybody asks me to fan (assuming it is not something totally obscene).

More to come.  In the meantime, here’s a few worthy pages to fan: