LinkedIn Answers

So at Eat. Drink. Tweet. in Penticton this past weekend, I taught a session on LinkedIn. As mentioned in my previous post, I built a Canadian Wine Group on LinkedIn, and it now has 26 members. (One of the things I’ve been working on–quite passively–for the past few years is a wine site. Our company owns, and it’s on rendition 3, but I’m planning rendition 4 in Fall, along the same business model of, which has been wildly successful so far.)

At the conference, I had all of 70 seconds left to talk about LinkedIn Answers (my session went on a bit long). But pre-conference, I posed a question about wine on LinkedIn, and I promised I’d post an example on my blog.

You can see that in only a few days, I have had 10 really fantastic answers to my question.

Not being an avid user of LinkedIn Answers myself (but working with clients who use it regularly), I was already convinced of it’s value, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to share this with the people who may have been at my session.