What is Social Discovery?

What the heck is Social Discovery?  I’ve seen the term thrown around here and there, but only in passing.

After a chance meeting with Dan Martell on a rainy afternoon in Las Vegas on January 17th, the light bulb suddenly appeared!

I am convinced “Social Discovery” will become an integrated component for every serious marketing department in the world within the next year.

The term itself is nearly self-explanatory:

  • “Social”, as in “Social Media” (yes, “Social” is the new “it” adverb).
  • “Discovery”, as in “discovering” where people are, and how they are using social media.

As Dan explains it, every business has a client list – and these days, that means a list of e-mail addresses. As companies roll out their social media campaigns, the most important people they need to connect with are their clients who are using social media.

Dan is very active with a social discovery startup called Flowtown.

You probably haven’t heard of Flowtown, and Dan explains that this is on purpose. They don’t want to garner too much attention while they refine their product. But you will start hearing a hell of a lot more about this company very, very soon.

What Flowtown offers is a complete, automated social discovery product, launched in late October.

Their target market includes small businesses, and has a very low starting price point. They even have a “free demo” version available online right now.

I’m excited about the whole concept of “social discovery.”

Dan and I chatted at length about the possibilities in this sector. Could software make appropriate connections automatically? Can it find new, valuable connections automatically, and keep them tuned into your companies channels (in a useful, non-annoying way)?

Could software check to see which platforms people actually use, and what their interests are there. Perhaps somebody uses Facebook for finding love on lonely Friday nights, and might feel awkward if you suddenly ask them to fan your Facebook business page. Perhaps somebody uses Twitter, but strictly for the purpose of stalking celebrities.

At this point Dan started telling me fascinating things about “Social Lead Scoring” and metrics, and my head was spinning.

Dan lives in San Fransisco now, but he cut his teeth in Canada. In Moncton he started, and later sold, a successful development firm that boasts a pretty impressive list of clients.

I was impressed with Dan Martell, and enjoyed our lunch together. He is very professional, confident, and successful, yet modest, inquisitive and personable. While I was walking with him at the Affiliate Summit conference in Las Vegas at least a half dozen people came up just to say “hello”. While such attention comes to those who are successful, it also confirmed my previous hunch – that he’s a pretty swell guy.