Dude, Where’s My Username? Facebook Vanity URL Antics

Dude, where’s my username? He’s not Ashton Kutcher at facebook.com/aplusk.  Get used to hearing the name Benjamin Standefer for awhile. I’d be willing to bet this holds – I don’t suspect Mr. Kutcher owns a trademark on “aplusk”.

Here’s some other fun stuff I’ve come across:

Trademark infringements – facebook.com/FriendFeed, facebook.com/iGoogle and facebook.com/appleinc.

Attempted trademark infringement – facebook.com/mysapce – Jared, you have FAILed.

Famed Internet Marketer Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker got facebook.com/internetmarketer.

Ubergeek Robert Scoble got facebook.com/scobleizer for his popular page, and started a very interesting discussion on FriendFeed.

Funny stuff – facebook.com/TwitterIsBetter and facebook.com/UserNamesAreStupid

Oddities – facebook.com/roger and facebook.com/foodie go to the home page, not a user profile.

The notorious “dot” and “dash” issue – no need to worry if you are facebook.com/PaulHolmes or facebook.com/Paul.Holmes, facebook.com/Paul-Holmes, facebook.com/P.a.u.l.H.o.l.m.e.s. or facebook.com/-P.a-u.l-H.o-l.m-e.s- – it all goes to the same page.

Sources (other than me): Kyle Misner, Lindsey Weber, Katharine Holmes, Mike Bracco, and Ben Cooper.

Have some others – please post a comment!