PhotoBlaster 3000

Sometimes I take a photo on my iPhone that I want the whole world to see!

Do I really want to upload it 7 different times using a bunch of clunky apps, redefine the tags and so forth? No, my short term goal is to get it uploaded, and I can always tag it and such later on.

The easiest way to do this is to enable the ability to e-mail photos to websites. Currently I have this feature enabled on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, MySpace, YourCanada, and Photobucket. (Click on the link for each one to visit the instructions on how to set it up on your account.)

Have all of these special e-mail addresses set up as “Contacts” in your iPhone.  Then, when you take that perfect photo, just forward the photo from within the album, select “Email Photo”, then when the e-mail comes up, send it to these contacts.  Your subject line is your description.

I also use Flickr’s Flickr2Twitter feature, which kills TwitPic, or any other similar service, because you get the network value of Flickr, and the network value of Twitter in the same post. And this happens automatically when I e-mail a photo to Flickr (unless I choose not to).

I also built a very geekly hidden e-mail account that forwards my photos automatically to the following services:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr (and, thus Flickr2Twitter)
  • Picasa

I tried redirecting this also to MySpace, Ning and Photobucket, but to no avail. They obviously don’t like redirected mail.